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Therapeutic riding offers physical, emotional, social and educational benefits to children and adults with special needs through the use of the horse.

Freedom and Independence are the goals and achievements of those individuals who struggle to walk, talk or play.  Because horseback riding gently moves the rider’s body similar to the human walk, riders with physical disabilities often show improvement in flexibility, balance and muscle strength.  All lessons are tailored to the riders’ ability.

In order to ensure the best therapeutic benefit and the safest environment for our students, the Regina Therapeutic Riding Association has established guidelines for acceptance into the program.

  • Riders should be at least 3 years of age and have some independent head and neck control.
  • Due to back problems and age of horses, weight guidelines have been established. It is recommended that the MAXIMUM weight of a rider be between 150-170 lbs.
    • includes tack and special equipment
    • an additional 10% of the rider's weight for uneven weight distribution caused by the degree of disability
    • inability to maintain good posture in the sitting position

Please review the downloadable list of contra-indications to Therapeutic Riding.  If the individual has one or more of these conditions, therapeutic riding may not be recommended.

If the initial criteria are met, please download and complete the forms for enrollment. 

All forms must be thoroughly completed with signatures and dates where required before mailing.  The Physician Referral form must be completed and signed by your Physician.

When the forms are received, a screening assessment appointment will be arranged.

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Instructor Certification

For more information about Instructor certification you can check out the CanTRA website.