Mission Statement:
The Regina Therapeutic Riding Association provides individualized therapeutic horseback riding programs for persons with disabilities to contribute to physical, social, and emotional well-being.


The RTRA will be hosting a 'meet-and-greet' at the Austrian Club on August 10th, 2016 for all those interested in volunteering for our organization! Please RSVP by August 2nd as snacks will be provided.

Application forms will be available at the meeting or can be printed off our website!

You can RSVP via email:

The Regina Therapeutic Riding Association is a registered, charitable organization dedicated to providing qualified instruction in specialized horseback riding lessons for children and adults with special needs in the Regina area since 1992.

RTRA, founded by Heidi and her husband Larry Martin, operates out of 49 Rivers Road.  This medically supervised program closely follows guidelines set out by CanTRA (The Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association) to ensure riders receive the physical, mental and emotional benefits of therapy through the use of the horse.

Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, Multiple (Disseminated) Sclerosis, Traumatic brain damage and Muscular Dystrophy are some common disabilities that are helped while building relationships with the caring instructors, volunteers, and the horses who partner with them.

The important work that the Regina Therapeutic Riding Association does to help those with special needs is only possible through grants, sponsorships, donations and volunteer efforts of individuals who genuinely care to make a difference in someone’s life.

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Designer Profile: Chris Jordison

Chris has been a free lance illustrator and designer working out of a studio built on his home for the past 25 years.

Regina born and raised, Chris received his Illustration education in Toronto, where he worked for several advertising firms and then spent several years as a free lance artist before returning to Regina.

His client base has included companies and organizations in B.C. Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, the U.S. and Europe. Projects supplied range from Corporate Branding to full colour illustration and cartooning.

Examples of work created include logos for various companies including The Saskatchewan Transit Corporation, File Hills Qu'Appelle Tribal Council, Prairie Conservation Action Plan, Summit Memorials, SUMA, Martrain, Valley View Estates, Regina Ski Club and several others. Other design projects supplied include corporate displays, posters, brochures, Corporate Character creation and various types of print based projects.

He has written and illustrated two Children's books and created corporate safety based board games, colouring and activity books for children.

Recently Chris designed and illustrated a complete heritage based poster package together with conference and Centennial logos to mark the 100th Anniversary of Regina Transit.

Over the past five years he has designed four coins for the Royal Canadian Mint including the 100th Anniversary of the Panoramic camera, the $300 gold Prairie Red Lily from the Flowers of Canadian provinces series as well as the Great Blue Heron Loonie from the Aureate Species series.


Logo Design Logic

The Regina Therapeutic Riding Association logo is comprised of three main elements – the complete association name, the association name abbreviation and the graphic.

The type style chosen for this logo is a medium bold font that has rounded edge details. The bold nature of the type allows for ease of reading, especially for the long full name when used in small applications.  The rounded features lend a soft casual friendly feel to the type that is crisp without appearing stiff or overly corporate in nature.

The graphic is comprised of a mythical winged Pegasus horse and a rider, presented mainly in light and dark blues with white and black contrasting elements. The magical horse is medium build in stature and designed so it displays an easily recognized silhouette.

The wings have been carefully positioned to allow the rider’s shape to stand apart from the horse details, since it is the rider who is the focus of this program. The rider was designed in a generic shape to represent both male and female riders of all ages with arms thrown high in a gesture of pure joy.

The main intent of the graphic is to visually present the viewer with the feeling of freedom and elation through movement, that riders in the RTRA program surely experience when they ride the wonderful horses. For many in the program who are limited in movement in their daily lives, riding these horses empowers them and literally gives them wings to take them places and allow them to see things that they otherwise may never experience.


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Instructor Certification

For more information about Instructor certification you can check out the CanTRA website.